Business Marketing

Business Marketing is the Driving Force for Every Business

With a handful of "lucky" exceptions, the majority of successful businesses share one thing in common: a clear and productive marketing method. Not enough businesses appreciate this but regard business marketing as an expensive necessity. This, despite there being a direct connection between marketing and profit: successful business marketing attracts prospects which can be converted into profit.

Brand Marketing or Direct Response?

Brand, or "image" marketing, is all well and good for the big brand companies but for most businesses it's mostly a waste of money.

Direct response requires a "considered" target market, a direct call to action and should "solve problems" for your clients or customers by selling them the benefits, not the features, of your offering.

Direct response has (or at least should have) the added benefit of measurable results.

Basic Business Marketing Principles

  • Start with the Customer - their "problems" are your potential business. Communicate the benefits of your service/product and how they address the customers' problems.
  • Identify your market - whatever your product or service, there is only a finite number of potential targets willing to buy them. Identify and target them effectively to maximise your business marketing budget
  • Show the Sizzle - converting prospects into customers is not easy. Build confidence in your products or services and demonstrate the value to prospects
  • Lead Generation - new business depends on new prospects. The better qualified those prospects are, the more likely it is that you will convert them into customers.
  • Nurture relationships - people like to deal with, or buy from, people they know and trust. Retaining existing clients and far easier than converting new ones. Ignore them at your peril

The Benefits of Scratch Cards for Business Marketing

  • Measurable results
  • Easy to target
  • Cost-effective
  • Involving

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