Motivating Employees

If your employees are your biggest asset you should be making them believe just that. The challenge for motivating employees is to design employee reward or incentive schemes in such a way that your employees believe the scheme has been designed specifically for them.

The Importance of Motivating Employees

A motivated workforce is a major asset to any business, producing higher productivity and less staff turnover. While an unhappy workforce could prove expensive in the future in many ways.

The Benefits of Motivating Employees

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Raise staff morale and loyalty
  • Inspire employees
  • Satisfy employee needs though work related goals

Tips for Motivating Employees

  • Treat each member of staff as an individual
  • Praise good performance and offer constructive feedback
  • Encourage "ownership"
  • Offer benefits that don't cost the earth
  • Encourage staff to take a break
  • Get the little things right
  • Keep lines of communication open

Motivating Employees - Ideas

An online scratchcard promotion is a cost-effective and involving way to address many of these issues:

  • Transmit corporate messages in an entertaining and involving way
  • Incentivise your sales force
  • Say "Thank you" to your employees
  • Motivating employees to take "ownership"

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