Employee Engagement

You want employees to produce their best work and put in that extra effort. Employees want interesting and inspiring jobs that motivate them. Employee engagement is the key to both.

What is Employee Engagement?

It's more than team motivation or employee reward, it needs a commitment to the company and its values. Employee engagement is not something that can be mandated, employees have to be encouraged to "offer" that engagement. Engaged employees will promote the brand and increase their levels of service and support.

Benefits of Employee Engagement

  • Employees will perform better and are more motivated
  • There is a proven connection between employee engagement and profitability
  • Engaged employees are more likely to stay with the company
  • Engaged employees are more likely to promote the company, its products and services
  • Employee engagement creates a sense of loyalty to the company

How to Engage Employees

A number of "drivers" have been identified that increase the overall employee engagement:

  • Perception of job importance
  • Clarity of job expectations
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Regular feedback and dialogue with management
  • Quality of working relationships with all levels of the organisation
  • Understanding the aims and values of the organisation
  • Effective internal employee communication
  • Employee rewards

Employee Engagement Ideas

An online scratchcard promotion is a cost-effective and involving way to address many of these "drivers":

  • Transmit corporate messages in an entertaining and involving way
  • Incentivise your sales force
  • Say "Thank you" to your employees
  • Motivate employees to engage

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