Printing Scratchcards

Personalised scratchcards

Personalised scratchcard printing is an excellent promotional tool for business marketing and motivating employees.

Whether it's incentivising a sales force, attracting visitors to an exhibition stand or simply raising awareness of your product, printing scratchcards is an excellent marketing tool.

If you've an idea we can convert it to reality. Or we can devise a competition that actively enhances a campaign or brand. We can create as many (or as few) winners as you need. And the choice of colours, quantity and format is almost endless.

Printing Scratchcards - Size

Almost anything you want! In reality A6 (148 x 105mm) and A7 (105 x 74mm) are the most popular sizes, entirely due to economics. We print the cards on sheets that are multiples of the basic A4 size so there's less wastage with these sizes.


Again, almost any colour you like. Normally we find the hundreds of thousands of shades available with 4 process colours is sufficient for most promotions but if you need a particular "brand" colour then any printable colour is available.

The Game

The majority of printed scratchcard games are derived from a simple "match the pictures" formula. This is ideally suited to promotional cards as the product itself can often be used to enhance brand values

Winners and Losers

Scratchcard printing is produced on big sheets which are then cut to size so the quantities of winning and losing cards can be carefully controlled and monitored. scratchcards can be either randomly shuffled together or kept separate.

Terms and Conditions

These follow a formula: "The British Code of Advertising and Sales Promotion" established by the Advertising Standards Authority. Apart from restrictions on what you can and can't promote to children, there are two broad categories: with or without a required purchase.

Once we know which category the promotion falls within it's out with the boilerplate and time to fill in the gaps so it's not something you really need to worry about as we can lead you through the whole process.

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